IMG_6758Dear friends and fans of A Dress the Color of the Sky,

Thank you all for your encouragement and undying support for my novel,  A Dress the Color of the Sky. Each and every one of you has made it possible for me to be eminently close to signing a publishing contract and fulfilling a dream that began over three years ago.

Because you all have put your faith into my book, I want you to be the first to know that the rights to A Dress the Color of the Sky have been purchased and my book will be made into a full-length feature film.

The Executive Producer happens to be someone who read A Dress the Color of the Sky in its most primitive state. The message resonated with her and she could not get it off her mind. This past summer she approached me with her intent to purchase, and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect person to turn my book into an epic film.

She is looking at very high-end writers to turn the book into a screenplay (Sophia Coppola, Diablo Cody, Nancy Myers and Woody Allen). Roger Deakins is her first choice for the cinematographer, and she is beginning to lay the groundwork for Bradley Cooper to play the male lead. So, needless to say, all of this is very exciting!

What’s more exciting to me than a feature film is to hold my published book in my hands, to smell it, turn the pages and see my written words in print, and all of you have helped to make that dream a reality.

The success of my book is dependent on my fans and supporters. I encourage you to let people know that A Dress the Color of the Sky will soon be published and available for purchase.

The perfect way for you to spread the word about my book is to forward this email to 10 people: book club members, your family or friends who love to read.

To those of you who asked for an autographed copy, remind me and I will deliver on that promise.

Please check my author website for information on the book, but I’m most active on Twitter, which is a great place for the moment by moment updates.

Warmest regards,