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A Dress the Color of the Sky – by Jennifer Irwin.
———5/5 stars———–

I had to read this book twice to fully understand it, I didn’t want to be unfair and review the book without comprehending it from A to Z. and once I did, boy, I loved every word written in those 315 pages. A dress the color of the sky was one of my favorite reads of 2017. Jennifer did an amazing job writing such an amazing, purely brutal and raw story. It is hard to believe she is a debut author.

Before I start telling you about the story, I just want to throw something out there. THE COVER, oh my goodness, the hardcover edition is beautiful, this book is one of the prettiest ones I own, it is not only “eye-friendly” but also feels amazing! And Do not get me started on the pages, they are large, soft, pall ivory, perfect, just the way I like them.

The story is about Prudence Aldrich, a sex addict who checked into rehab, at Serenity Hills to deal with her addiction, in an attempt to save what was left of her marriage with Nick, and be the mother her teen son deserved. When group therapy stars, the story goes into flashback mode and we met the young Prue, who along with her mother and brother, was leaving her dad to go star their lives away on their own. There she met her best friend for life Lily. However, one of her worst nightmares started, Richard, an abusive man her mother was dating, he was treating both her and her shy brother poorly, calling her names like fat, retarded, stupid, good for nothing, you name it.
In her adult life, Prue suffers from deep self-loathing, believing that everything she went through was deserved. So in order to move on from those three constant feelings lingering on her shoulders, shame, guilt, and fear, she has to face her deepest demons from her past.

This was not my first time reading a book dealing with abuse, this genre grew on me so quickly, and I am so proud of people for speaking up and letting the world know what’s hidden behind closed doors.

Again Jennifer did an amazing job, I highly recommend this book. Go grab your copy before the movie comes out.

-The Bookish Lover