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A Dress the Color of the Sky by Jennifer Irwin is a remarkable work of fiction. It is very realistic and compelling. It’s a story about a young woman named Prudence (Prue). She is married with children. On the outside, Prudence has a normal ordinary life. So it seems. But she is hiding a dark shameful secret. Prudence is a sex addict.

She admittedly knows she has a deep seated problem and checks herself into rehab at Serenity Hills. There she learns much about herself and the reasons behind her addiction. Prue is a lovable character. She is sweet and smart. The shame and remorse she feels is intense. Her healing process begins there at Serenity Hills with the help of the counselors and the other patients.

Prudence is damaged due to the things that happened to her in her childhood, her upbringing, her parents and her husband. This story is so deep and involved. It tugs at the reader’s heart and won’t let go. It gave me a new understanding of addictions. Addicts are addicts because of the damage that was done to them in their early years of life and other life circumstances. Prudence’s story is complicated and devastating, but not so uncommon.

A Dress the Color of the Sky by Jennifer Irwin touched my heart deeply. It is both heart-warming and heart-wrenching. Jennifer Irwin has bravely tackled a taboo subject. However, a subject that is very relevant to today’s society.

The main character, Prudence, is multifaceted and developed with precision. All the characters are very well written and established. The storyline is tense but flows with ease. It is fairly fast paced and detailed. It progresses quickly and holds the reader’s attention.

I couldn’t put it down and read it late into the night. I laughed, cried and got angry. The ending does not disappoint. I was very satisfied when I finished the book. I felt inspired and even enlightened.

Jennifer Irwin is an exceptional writer. She has written an original and unique piece of fiction.

I would read A Dress the Color of the Sky again for sure. And I highly recommend it to everyone.

Ella James

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