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What began as writing a book to personally heal from a toxic, traumatizing marriage, turned into a story that resonates with women whom I never imagined would like it much less, have it speak to them. Throughout the writing process, I have sought out a variety of sample readers to critique my book in order to learn and improve the story. Some, I felt confident, would relate to the book and especially the main character but I was pleasantly surprised to find even women whom I imagined would find the story to be upsetting, or even offensive, turned out to find commonalities between themselves and the main character. As I pondered this, I went back to my roots of teaching Pilates. Asking myself, what commonalities can I find between my different clients? The women I teach range from high school students, athletes, strippers, housewives, playboy bunnies, freshly divorced, newly engaged, stay at home moms, career women, some fly private, some have multiple homes and some struggle to pay for lessons. What I found was this: all women, even ones with seemingly perfect bodies and lives, feel sad, insecure and ugly. The very same women a week later could feel confident, hopeful and beautiful. Women are complex but universally, they seek intimacy with other women through sharing the stories of their lives. I don’t claim to know all of their problems and secrets but I see that most women want to be heard, to listen and to give and receive advice. This sharing is how women grow, learn and feel better about themselves and their place in society. Teaching Pilates has been a fulfilling career because I can change lives one woman at a time. As I began to receive feedback from sample readers about how they related to my book and especially, the main character, I realize that I can have a greater impact on women through my writing than I could have ever imagined and this has been the most rewarding motivation to get my book published.