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Another important subject covered in my book is that of addiction. Addiction is something that most people have encountered through a variety of ways whether it be a family member, friend or themselves. Recently, an addiction specialist who read my book told me that he felt it would diminish people’s fear of rehab. My book could “help people overcome the fear of seeking help by providing insight into the experience from a very raw and honest perspective.” As the child of an alcoholic, drug addict, I spent a lot of time covering up the pain and over compensating for the fact that I felt fatherless but I had to choose not to have it ruin my life. I wanted to convey this message in my book through the main character so that other people can see that it is possible to rise up from bad things and lead a fulfilling, healthy life. I did a lot of research to write this book, attended AA, SAA and NAA meetings and interviewed many people. My hope is that this book can help people see that rehab isn’t a scary, degrading place but rather a place to grow, change and dig into self-discovery.